The Rodent Bait Station Shield

IMG_1381The Shield has a modification depending on which placement of the poison trap or station is being used.  You also need to be aware of the environment and the type of pet you have.  Sammy is our dog and he loves to chew things.  We have to use the type III for him because he can turn the type I over and get to the dangerous bait.IMG_1650.JPGThese  photo shows the type I Shield.

The Type III Shield has an expanded steel floor that protects the Rodent Bait Station from being removed without someone taking the lock off.

We need to continue to protect out children and pets.

Rodent Bait Station Shield

TAG Ventures is the company developing products to protect our children, pets and the environment.  The Rodent Bait Station Shield is one such product.

This product has been evolving to encompass needs as demonstrated by the interaction between this Shield, the bait station and the pet and the child where indicated.  Strict supervision is instituted where indicated.

TAG Ventures stands by its products.  The rodent carries diseases that can kill and maim. It is important to protect our children and pets from the diseases as well as protect them from the rodenticide.

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